The reason I used this title for the blog tonight is because each one of us (American counselors and Honduran counselors alike) are learning this truth more and more. We all can see that no one is able to do anything to change the hearts of these kids. But I think what is a cool truth that is paired with it is the fact that we are in a place where we also have no control on anything and we can see that, and yet we still need to trust and have faith that God is working for the good of those that love Him.

Along with this truth, there have been lots of simple joys in relationships being developed between counselors and campers. We had a lot of fun today doing more activity classes and teaching some all-camp games. We even had a visit from and aerobics instructor(Pine Cove counselor dressed up) that lead us in an all camp exercise. We broke a sweat to say the least!

Please join me in celebrating and praising for the brothers and sisters that have joined the kingdom of God, the walls that have been broken down, and the relationships that are being built. Also please continue praying for the campers that they would recognize their need for a savior. Also please be praying for the counselors that they would continue to see that they can’t do it on their own. There is so much freedom in that!

We love and miss you all!