A big thanks to everyone who left a comment on our blog yesterday.  We got to read all of them to our staff this morning and they loved it!

As our Spanish gets better our English gets worse. When we have meetings together with just the Pine Cove team, all of them respond with “si” and “que”.  It is amazing to be immersed in the culture and it is changing more than just our vocabulary.  We are learning so much from the staff here in Argentina.  They humble themselves and serve us.  Their patience is truly incredible.  They are willing to slow down, teach us, and talk about very simple things just to include us.  Take a look at this quote from Emory.

“In conclusion, the topics of conversation have been colors, numbers, and Halloween.” -Emory

We have also learned many new games, crafts, and activities. Check out these pictures. Oh wait… the internet isn’t working.  Hopefully we can get them up tomorrow.

Here are a few more quotes from our team:

“Unity in Christ transcends all languages and… if I opened up a Chex Mix store in Argentina, I would be a millionaire.” -Colton

“I’ve learned here that in ministry it more important to be faithful than efficient”. -Mackenzie

More to come… leave a comment for anyone on our team and we will make sure it gets to them 🙂