This is the 3rd year of a 3 year partnership with this team in Guatemala.  A lot of you understand the vision behind Commission Camping, but I’ll give you a brief rundown.  We love partnering with teams in Latin America, partnering them for three years with the hope that after those three years they are not only equipped to do camping ministry, but that they have also caught the vision behind it and continue to do camps long after we have left.

This team really has the skills to pay the bills.  Our program directors are incredible leaders, the counselors are great with their kids, and their program staff serve with humble hearts.  It’s been very fun for me to see the progress in this team!

Something else that I thought would be fun to show some of you, are the improvements that they have made to their camp.  A lot of you have been, but most of you haven’t, so you’ll have to imagine.

When I came four years ago, we were one of the first groups to use this facility and it was pretty basic.  Since CCI has gained some traction here, our contact has worked with the camp owner to make some improvements.

Enjoy the pictures!