“Solving Puzzles” was on our schedule for the time between breakfast and lunch today. Earlier, when we asked their leaders what that meant, we couldn’t get a clear answer, so we went into it with no expectations. And this is how I will segue into what that meant for us…

What wasn’t stressful for us: International traveling yesterday.

What was stressful for us: using two small rings, a bunch of strings, and all of us to lift two balls onto a target.

Come to find out, solving puzzles meant 4 hours of team-building games put on by the Honduran team. At first, we just laughed a lot while we did some trust falls and dances, but then it took a more serious turn when we played games that actually required all of us to work together and depend on each other. It was definitely a cool time to see everyone’s personality come out as different people stepped up, supported, etc.

By the time we lifted the two balls onto the target, after our 75 minute endeavor, we erupted in cheering and applause. And that’s when we realized how into the games we had gotten. We had a great time laughing and getting closer as a team!

We got to meet our local Honduran team of counselors this afternoon and couldn’t be more excited to start camp TOMORROW! Please pray for the little hearts that are coming to camp, as well as the language and cultural barriers.

Oh, and by the way, our camp is absolutely beautiful!! It’s in the middle of the mountains and is so peaceful. Weather has been perfect and everyone is healthy and happy!

Sorry for no pictures today, but expect more soon!

Signing out,

Your favorite Honduran adventurers