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Socks Knocked Off

Posted Jan 10, 2018

Hey friends!

If there is one word that I could use to describe today it would be THANKFUL!! Y’all, the Lord has blown us away! We couldn’t ask for a more incredible way to kick off 2018.

Today we brought in a Camp in the City favorite, MAMMOTH HUNT!! The goal for the campers is to get socks off of the counselors hands and feet. The counselors goal is to keep them on! Sounds easy, until you add a tarp, water, baby oil and soap! Holy cow, this was so fun!! Let me tell you, these kids are tough and ruthless! They don’t quit! And don’t worry, in case you were wondering, we took the bad guy down as soon as all of our socks were taken from us!

As we continued throughout our last full day with our kiddos, we had more awesome food and they practiced for the talent show! We had dancers, actors, singers and rappers. Nothing short of pure talent!

Also, random highlight of today, the boys introduced our campers to dabbing and Colten has gotten the Panama Director saying “what’s up dude!?” Just enjoying the little things!!

In other news, one more day people!! Please continue praying for the hearts of our kids and praising God for all He has done!

Again, there are no words to fully express our thankfulness and how God has continued to move!

See y’all soon!

Bailee Bruce

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  1. Wow! These pictures and blogs have been nothing short of a blessing for those of us here in the States cheering you on! Praying over your relationships with locals and one another as the trip comes to a close. Praying over time to reflect and process all the Lord has been doing in your hearts while in Panama. Praise God for all He has done in and through each of you. The seeds you have planted, the joy you have shown – all for His glory! Wishing I was right there with you! Now get home safely friends!! Love y’all!!