We had the opportunity to see the sunrise this morning on the beach here in Santa Clara. Each sunrise is unique and beautiful. One of my favorite things about sunrises and sunsets is the fact that any given moment the Lord is either raising or setting to sun somewhere in the world. We all know God gets glory every moment for all time, but this is one tangible reminder of that truth. Our God is faithful and He is purposeful in the way He reminds us.

We goofed off plenty, taking various types of selfies and jumping pics. Here are a few examples of what we experienced this morning:










I saw Mateo standing at the edge of the surf this morning (pictured below) and jumped at the chance to remember that moment. Everything we know is finite. Expiration dates, boundaries, and limits are our reality. It is hard for our minds to fathom, but God is infinite. Our purpose is to remind ourselves daily of the holiness (set apart-ness, or uniqueness) of God. Our Father is not bound by the limits we know. He has no quantity, no beginning, no end. The ocean Mateo faced this morning (he was later almost knocked down by a similar wave) is powerful. It is big, gigantic even. However, the ocean is only a shadow, a picture, a limited example of our Daddy’s vast power and majesty.


Well, it’s about time I apply some SPF 1,000,000 and dominate some teenagers at water soccer. Hope you’re staying warm! It’s 90° here…