And just like that, we are finished with our Camps here in Guatemala.  We are excited to get back home and sleep in our own beds, but we are very sad to be leaving tomorrow.  Mainly because the team of people we’ve been working with are truly incredible.

One of my team members was blown away at how he could feel so close to another person that he met 10 days ago, especially when they don’t even speak the same language!  What a thought!

We ended up reflecting on this for a while.  And here’s my thought…

Our relationship with God is the most intimate relationship that we will ever have (or at least that’s what it should be!).  When you labor with someone for God’s purposes, no matter what languages you speak; you are sharing an intimate part of your life with them.  Therefore, a bond is created.  It’s cool to see my team bond with another team so tightly, when they can’t even speak the same language.  God does some pretty neat stuff.

At any rate, they are exhausted and some of them are probably going to kill me for these pics, but I couldn’t resist snapping a few “sleepy pics” on the bus ride back to Guatemala City.  Enjoy!

We will attend church tomorrow and after lunch we will head to the airport.  Our flight from Guatemala is United 1504 into Houston IAH and arrives at 6:14pm. Our flight from Houston to DFW is United 4565 and arrives at 10:14pm.  If you are picking up at DFW, we will see you at baggage claim!

Pray for safe travels and for God to continue to be glorified in what He has done this week!