Settling in and loving Costa Rica already!

Posted Jan 3, 2018

Last update of Day One!!

We were greeted at the airport by our awesome Costa Rican friends Abdiel, Sebastian & Sebastian. Yes, there are two Sebastians and I’m told there will be even more once camp starts – welcome to Costa Rica! We got all our luggage on our bus and took off to the only sensible place to take a big group of Americans…McDonalds!!We were all THRILLED to get a little bit of real food in our stomachs after a day of rushing through the airport and snacking in between flights! Like the box says below, it was McNifica indeed… We were so content riding on the bus with our tummies full of goodness from the Golden Arches! Our next stop was in San Jose to see our host church (La Vina Del Este) and get a little WiFi.Once we got to the church we were able to go on a little adventure! Some of the Costa Rican staff took us on a tour of the grounds and, man, was it beautiful! It had been raining just a little bit and it made everything so vibrant and green.We got a few great pictures in front of the beautiful view! One with some of our new Costa Rican friends and another with just our Pine Cove team. It was so fun. After our little adventure, we got back on the bus and headed to the campsite where we settled in and had an authentic (and VERY delicious) dinner which is pictured below! Needless to say we loved our first night here in Costa Rica! We spent the evening chatting with Sebastian and Abdiel about life in Costa Rica, how to correctly use Pura Vida (turns out it’s similar to saying “cool”), and trying to explain to them the concept of a “camp name.” Also, we shared some of our camp name stories which was a blast! The campsite out here is beautiful at night and you can see the entire city lit up before you right over the edge of the hills. It makes us so excited to see what’s to come tomorrow on our tourism day! We’re heading to the beach, so check for an update tomorrow night about all our sandy, sunny, and fun filled adventures!

We’re off to bed for some MUCH needed rest, but until then ¡Buenos Noches, mis amigos!

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  1. So many funny stories are going through my head of first days in Central America with such awesome men and women of God showing us around their countries! I hope you’re soaking it all in. Don’t let Davis and Carol be too serious. I know they tend to suck the fun out of things. Someone has to be the fun czar for the trip. Who’s it going to be?? Fun Czar, please step forward and accept your duly appointed role! I’m kidding. Somebody keep Carol and Davis in line.

    Cherish the cold showers (given that you’re not rolling in the deep with hot showers right now), the sleep you get, and the memories because you’ll only be there for a quick time. BURGER KING OUT.