Today’s blog written by Katie Stiles (Counselor)
It seems like just this morning we were at the airport boarding our flight here to Nicaragua. Yet, in the short amount of time that we’ve been here, the Lord has been faithful to break down the barrier of language and build relationships through activities, smiles and lots of laughs. Our third full day has been incredible! So much has happened since we woke up this morning (at 6am, thankfully, and not 4am!). From activity classes, tasty Nicaraguan food, to Detective Dan saving camp from the evil Helga – campers, counselors and Nicaraguans have had so much fun! 

 Last year, I had the privilege of coming with the Towers’ team to Nicaragua. I am so thankful to be back. The Lord continues to teach me about communicating the love of Christ through the power of joy and service. It truly is humbling to remember that the Lord doesn’t need our words or actions to build His kingdom, but only by His grace are we able to make His name known among the people of Nicaragua and throughout the world. Even a simple smile or hug goes a long way here! 

Today, after lunch, everyone ran out to the lake to swim for a while. We had a blast building sand castles, throwing the frisbee and playing together in the water. During that time, one of my girls and I stood together jumping the waves as they rolled onto the shore. We stood there together, holding hands, ready for whatever might come next. And even though this was a fun moment, it hit me: This is what the Lord does for me. He stands beside me in the waves of life. The sad and the joyous times. He holds my hand and reassures me that whatever may come next, it is no bigger than what He can handle. How often it is that I turn away from Him and ignore His leading. 

 This small moment with my camper was a profound reminder that even when sometimes it feels like there is a language barrier between God and me, He is still there. Just like when my camper can’t understand me, I won’t leave her side. God is ready to jump the waves with me. It was an encouraging picture of who our Father is.

This Wednesday comes to a close, as I sit here on the beach hearing the sweet sounds of children singing, “How He Loves.” Each cabin is standing together, praying and crying out to the Lord for one another, as the bonfire lights their faces. It is such an overwhelming and incredible way to end the day.

The Lord is challenging, encouraging and growing me so much this week and I’m confident He is doing the same in the hearts of these beautiful kids and our team. 

Thank you for your prayers and awesome blog comments (we like calling them – BLOH-MENTS!! Haha). But in all seriousness it means so much that we have a team at home praying for us here and for the work of the kingdom!


Katie Stiles