Session 2!

Posted Jan 9, 2016

Man today has been a full and amazing says! However it hasn’t even been a full day. The campers areived at about 11 but we have been going ever since! 

Look at these pics, we were so excited to have our campers here. Some of them rode on the bus with us from their church and others showed up on a different bus. It was fun to hang with them even before camp started. 


Today is Marco’s birthday. He is the leader of the camp here in El Salvador. We got to sing him happy birthday  also to celebrate his birthday, we grabbed him and threw him in the pool haha. It was funny and the kids loved it. He was a great sport about it also. 

Then after lunch we did many activities. The kids in their cabins went around and participated or competed in games! Check it out.   


This afternoon everyone got to do their first bible study of the session. The bible studies here generally last an hour and a half to two hours. What a cool picture we get to see of the bible being studied for longer than most of our attention spans. Yet kids age 8 are engaged the whole time, giving answers, and learning about the bible! We learned in Numbers 6 how the Nazarites had vows to honor God and then now for us to honor God by our actions. 


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