HOLA friends!
Sam “SnapCats” Victor here coming at ya from the DR. Today is our 6th day at camp and words cannot even begin to describe what we have experienced here.

Today we got a brand new group of campers. Some of the native staff drove through the town and found kids on the streets, asked them if they wanted to come to camp, and they packed their bags and jumped in the van and headed our way. This is an opportunity that some of these kids never imagined they would be doing. As the kids arrived they were welcomed in true Pine Cove style, gauntlet and all. We proceeded to do all of the camp dances (more than once) as well as a few Dominican dances.

Being on program staff for this round of camp puts me more in a serving position to the campers and counselors which is a great spot to be in since I was a counselor the first round of camp and I know every emotion they are feeling. Today has been filled with skits where Bentley (StopDrop) is dressed as a chicken from Noah’s ark, games involving maps and pirates, and a little bit of much needed resting/hammocking time for the program staff.

Before we got here I wasn’t expecting to fall so in love with the children and the staff. I never thought I would love having my hair braided 6 times every hour, giving piggybacks at all times of the day, and doing the chainsaw dance for the fourth time in a row. My campers were a huge blessing, even when I was frustrated not being able to communicate with them as well as I would hope. Many times I would just smile and shake my head when I had no idea what they were saying. Even though I had trouble communicating I was able to love on them in ways in which words aren’t needed. Whether it be comforting them if they’re crying, making funny faces if you catch them looking at you, or giving them a huge hug. This week has reminded me that it’s not about me at all. The purpose of this week is to make Christ known.

One of the coolest experiences was the first full day the natives and us got a chance to worship together. We sang in English and they sang in Spanish. “So set a fire down in my soul that I can’t contain that I cant control. I want more of you God, I want more of you God.” Knowing that even though we speak a different language and are in a foreign country, we still worship the same God. The God that they are worshipping is the same God that we worship back home. It is humbling to worship alongside the native staff and an experience I will never forget. The staff has been such a blessing to get to know and serve alongside.

You can be praying for each of the campers hearts for the next two days that they would be open and ready to hear what The Lord has to say.