Session 2: Day 1 Campers are HERE Again!

Posted Jan 8, 2016

Hey guys, 

So much has happened in the last 24 hours, we had our last half day with our session 1 campers yesterday and boy was it hard to say goodbye. They were truly a joy to have at camp and we loved investing and loving on them! 

They left after lunch while most of our team hiked up the nearby mountain to find a path for our sunrise hike with our high schools tomorrow! Easily one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen in my life. How often I forget the wonders of creation and how it all points back to God. Even the moutains cry out to give him praise!

Later that evening, our session 2 campers arrived and boy the atmosphere of camp changed! We double our campers in quantity and physical size – haha. We have 60 high schoolers (12-18 but majority of older ones) and we are loving it! After dinner (we can barely all fit in our tiny dining hall), we went to their version of club and these kids were totally in it! Reminded me so much of what we do at camp – jumping, going crazy and dancing! We LOVED it!!! Right now, they are in bible study and it’s our first dry morning, I love looking out around camp and seeing all the cabins studying together across camp. We have a full day ahead – pray for their hearts to be receptive and quick unity within cabins. 

Also, several on our team have been fighting illness, nothing serious but allergies and some stomach issues. Please join us in praying for renewed strength and energy as we continue camp without a break! Our God is good – we’ve already seen him answer prayers and will continue to pray in confidence! 


beautiful, right??


waving goodbye to session 1


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