The gals trying to soak up some sun!

The gals trying to soak up some sun!

Hola! It seems like so much has happened in the last few hours! But first, I want to make sure you guys can read all about what happened yesterday. So one of the things that Pine Cove instils in counselors and staff is to be flexible, and man oh man are we grateful for that. On our schedule for the afternoon was a siesta, or a nap or rest time, then dinner! However, we were told that there was no more nap but a rotation of water games for the campers. One of those included the mud pit that I mentioned yesterday. Just so you guys know, this thing was a literal pit of rocks with dirt, that later became mud. There were strings above the pit and the objective was to get through without touching the strings. Every single person failed. The results were mud covered counselors, dirty teeth, and ruined clothing for campers and counselors alike. However, it created so many memories and broke down tons of barriers! It also made for good pics and great mems.


After the water (mud) games, the camp went to get cleaned up for dinner and worship. Throughout the day, our work crew created this awesome fire pit in our field outside that was going to be an illustration for the message. This thing included a zipline, a small fire explosion…the works! Props to Peter for climbing a huge tree, Will to digging the pit, and Ben and Daniel for McGyvering the whole thing! However, the Lord had different plans for us. It poured rain all over their creation, forcing us to come up a different plan for the evening. No worries though! Flexibility again, at its finest.


Dan thoroughly enjoying his lunch with some help from campers

Dan thoroughly enjoying his lunch with some help from campers

So the kids were split into groups of three and given two rocks each. They were told by the trip leader Adela that they were not to give away their rocks for any reason, whatsoever. They were then led throughout the camp ground, which was pitch black at the time. On their night tour of the grounds, different Tico counselors would appear with a “temptation” that cost each child two rocks to look at. One had a box that you could look into, one had a gift, and another had a game on their phone. Once the children paid for these things, if they so chose,  their reward was short lived. The item they paid for was completely dissatisfying. They were finally led into our dining room area where they saw a candle lit alter. Those who had rocks placed them before the alter.



Adela and Helen then presented a message about being obedient and succumbing to temptation in this world. They presented the gospel in such a powerful way! Most of our group had no idea what they were saying throughout the message, but again, we could feel the Lord working in the hearts of those kids. Then two boys stepped forward, proclaiming that they gave their hearts to Christ!

The night ended in worship and prayer. We went to bed with joyful hearts and heavy eyes.

Today, we were able to spend so much quality time with our precious kids before they left us. Facebook names were exchanged, hugs were given, and tears were shed. Our group spent our last hours doing what we do best: loving on those campers! The time passed quickly and we ended camp by watching a slideshow that Heather threw together at the last minute. She is incredible!!!!




Then it was time to load up the buses and those minutes passed too quickly. Counselors frantically made sure to hug their campers and say their final goodbyes. Our hearts broke, knowing that we will probably never see our friends again. But they were also full of joy, knowing that seeds were planted in their lives. We rejoice knowing that at least two will be with us in Heaven. We rest in the fact that those children were genuinely loved for every minute we were with them. We pray and will continue to pray for them: that they are safe, that they commit their lives to Christ, that they apply what they learned at camp, that they remember.

Most of all, we are thank God, because despite every “Yo no say” and “No comprende” and awk moment and mistake that was made, nothing done was in vain! And in a few short hours, we will be doing camp all over again. We couldnt be more excited!

“Therefore, my beloved brothers, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain.”

1 Corinthians 15:58