Today, I asked one of our counselors to share some of what she’s been learning on the trip so far.  She’s a talented writer, and an even better counselor.  We’re thankful to have Karsyn on this trip!  Here’s what she had to say…


It is day one of the second session of camp here in Guatemala.  Just yesterday in Antigua we were dressed for much cooler weather and now we are already breaking out the summer camp gear (shorts, Racquet & Jog shirts and of course, the Chacos) once again.  

This second session we are getting to hang out with kids who are 10 to about 17 years old.  Yes, that is quite an age difference.  As the Ranch team, we are used to working with solely middle schoolers.  And yes, let’s not forget there is still definitely a language barrier.  But all this goes to say God is so faithful—even before we think to go to him for help.

Personally, coming into this session I was very nervous.  The girls were older and wanted cooler counselors, not to mention how was I supposed to have a more mature and deeper bond with someone who has no idea what I am saying and vice versa.  The first few hours were pretty terrible.  I’m not going to sugarcoat it.  I was beyond tired, unmotivated and discouraged.  And it is in those moments, those rather pitiful moments, that the Lord opens our eyes to his complete control.

So as we were walking from station to station during a camp-wide game I had a conversation with another Pine Cove staffer and just confessed my awful attitude.  Not even five minutes later, I went and sat by some campers and a girl came over, wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my shoulder.  All I could do was just hug her back with as much emotion as I could.  Wow, God, you answered my prayers before I even spoke the words (in English or Spanish for that matter.)  He totally interceded to allow friendships to form because I know I was doing close to nothing myself.  As the night continued, all the counselors, Guatemalan and American, bonded together and with the campers.  We danced and sweated our hearts out to almost every Pine Cove song with a dance, got to play some Guatemalan style Commando and the walls were definitely broken down on this first night.

It’s safe to say that God is most definitely here and going before us in whatever we have coming next.  We love and thank you all for your prayers as we have entered the second half of our trip.

God’s Blessings,

Karsyn “BedHead” White