Sorry we didn’t get this put up last night, internet issues! 

That’s what we did today, adventure! 

We woke up early this morning for our final breakfast at camp La Joya, loaded the bus and headed out. It was sad to say goodbye to the beautiful place we’ve called home for the last week. No doubt we will miss waking up to the mountains everyday! 

The Timbers staff have amazed me in so many ways this week. Together these 16 students have kept me laughing, impressed me, and brought me to tears more times than I’d anticipated. Our team dynamic has been mucho bueno! 

This morning, we experienced the mountains of Peru and hiked an adventurous trail to a massive waterfall! We all felt very outdoorsy. 

Then we checked in at our hotel (yay!) boarded a double decker bus and had Papa Johns Pizza (double yay!) 

Within 5 minutes on the bus we had the tour guide playing American pop music and we were dancing and eating pizza on the top deck of the bus while driving through the streets of Peru (cue the wind in my hair). The Timber’s team knows how to party! 

While on the bus we got to take in the sights of Peru and stop to see a volcano, alpacas! 

We finished off the day by going to a fancy dinner and enjoying time together. We all ordered great Peruvian dishes and were impressed by our dinner experience! 

Today was full of adventure and we are excited for a good night of rest in the hotel tonight before we begin to travel back home tomorrow evening. Luckily, we’ll have some more time in the morning for even more adventures before checking into the airport! 

Throughout this trip, I’ve been thankful to witness and experience the unity we are able to have with one another through Christ. The unity we had with our Peruvian partners & campers, and also with one another. I think back to that first night in the airport with all of our newly packed bags and eager “what are we about to experience together” expressions and then think about tonight. Tonight, we have less sets of clean clothes, but more inside jokes, stories & memories together. What a trip. I praise God that in Him we are unified and that we have life, and have it abundantly!