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R&R: Pine Cove Style

Posted Jan 8, 2016

Sorry for the delay on posts, our blog site has been down! In further news… we finished our first session of camp with the high school aged campers and had a blast testing out our Spanish and learning about the Guatemalan culture! Yesterday we started our day with omelets and some restful quiet time before heading out on our tourism day. Our team loaded the vans and headed an hour down to the original capital city of Guatemala, Antigua.

The first stop of the day was to the great square to visit St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest church in Guatemala. We walked around the town, talked to a bunch of natives that were selling their handmade goods in the streets and took tons of pictures to get the perfect shots for our Instagrams’.

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We visited a jewelry store that specialized in handcrafted jade products which are unique to Guatemala and then took a stop in a chocolatier’s shop to see large cacao pods be turned into beautiful chocolates sweets. After venturing around the streets for a few hours we took a break for lunch in a local café. The food was delicious and our energy was rejuvenated.

Next we went to a market that had multiple vendors selling their handmade goods. This is where many of the team members got some small items like purses and bracelets to remember their time here in Guatemala. A quick stop for a much needed caffeine break at a coffee shop in the square and we were eager to see more sights!

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We loaded back up into the vans and drove up to the top of a hill overlooking the city that has a very well known tourist spot. The landscape sports an impressive view over the city of Antigua and leads up to the massive Volcán de Agua. We didn’t hesitate to take another photo-opp in front of the Cerro de la Cruz, which is a large stone cross that stands on the hillside. It made for some impressive pictures and some even more impressive memories.

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After all of those stops we were exhausted and starving. The only thing that could satisfy us was a good meal. Nothing better than 9 pizzas, am I right? We headed over to our host family’s house to hang out and celebrate an early birthday. We laughed and joked, and then spent the night worshipping the Lord with our host family.

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It was joyful and refreshing to spend the day with friends and get to reflect on the incredible things God has done for us in only 4 days on our trip. We are looking forward to welcoming the next group of campers in and seeing all the ways that He will work in the days to come. ¡Hasta luego!

  • Katie “Dumpster Diver” Dunlap

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  1. Katie, thanks for the blog updates! Still praying for the whole team daily and especially that little move quoter counselor that is with you all! 😉

    We know from the Scriptures that contentment is not natural, but I know you can all be content in all circumstances through Christ. Even when you feel Camp is not going in some direction that you may have planned–know that God is there ahead of you and glorified by your obedience.

    Your partner in prayer, Mark Wallis

  2. We have been keeping all of you in our prayers and we will continue to pray for all of you. You have made us proud and you all are truly ambassadors of our faith.
    Each word, each touch, each smile you share shows others your love for Christ and will make a difference in your life and the life of those you touch.
    Thank all of you for your courage and love.
    God Bless all of you
    Chuck and Snowie Herrera