So we sent our campers off yesterday with notes we had written them. There was a really fun time at the end of camp when everyone in the cabin wrote everyone else an encouraging note.

Last night we were able to rest and have some share time with the CCI staff. It was really great to hear stories of life change that the campers had experienced during the first session of camp. There was a boy named Hector who, at the start of camp, didn’t want to have anything to do with other campers and said himself that he didn’t care about having friends. Throughout the course of camp, his counselor understood that this was a result of his home life. The last night he told his counselor that he had learned a lot at camp, that The Lord has touched his heart, and that he now feels liberated and he has developed friendships.

This morning we greeted our new group of campers. We’re already having a ton of fun with them and they’re really into playing four corners.

Also, in other news, we’ve appointed Jonna to serve as the “co-pilot” (assistant program director) to Rodolfo the “captain” (program director). She’s doing an incredible job!!

We’re so excited for the second session of camp!