Hey everyone! ¿Que lo que? This is Eurica “Frarrgs” Meighan and I’ll be doing today’s blog!

So much has happened in only one and a half days of camp. Today marked our first full day of camp here in the DR and YALL, The Lord has been so gracious to us in this team we have partnered with. Our day started off with a quick meeting with our whole team for some information and encouragement. From various voices, we reminded ourselves of the truth of Romans 8:37-39. There is nothing that can come between us and the Love of Christ. What matters is that we love these campers with the Love that we had received.

It’s easy to think that all of the differences between camp at home and the one here would be hindering to us being engaged, but we are learning that the opposite is true. We know camp. We have learned how to love kids well. He has equipped us to know these things and implement them here. It’s been amazing to see that being refreshed by the truth that we have through the gospel spread amongst us as a team and then trickle down through the national team as the day went on.

The counselors from both teams amped up their enthusiasm and intentionality with their kids throughout the day. He is faithful, He will surely do it. The rest of the day was filled with playing in the river, polar bears, and pirates. We have been so blessed by this team who is so dedicated to bringing a gospel-centered camp to the Dominican Republic. Also the roosters are awake at 4am. Please be praying for more seeds to be sown on this trip. You can see how our teams are surrendering all of this to The Lord and His will. Love all of yall. Stay warm. We are. ☺️ 

*Make sure to check on return flight info from the previous post if you haven’t already.