The Riddle is a fun game that the kids get to play. It is not a fast pace game but teaches patience, teamwork, and encouragement.

There is a tarp spread out on the floor. It has a grid layout on it with squares. The leader of each group has a single route that the kids have to try and follow. However, they do not know what the route is. Each kid gets a turn to try and take steps to find the right path. If they get it wrong, they go to the back of the line to wait. While in line they need to pay attention to the people ahead to see if they get it right.







In the Bible, God tells us to take the narrow path to him and not the wide road that leads to destruction. But destruction doesn’t always happen in giant disastrous moments. Most destruction happens one “slightly wayward” step at a time. There are many lessons that can be gleaned from this game, but this is what’s striking us right now: conviction, response, discipline. We can either discipline ourselves to respond to conviction with an immediate return to the right path, or we can establish habits of lingering in our response to what we feel in our hearts from God. How will you respond today? Will you ask some deeper questions of that person at work? Will you consider someone else’s situation before your own when you’re tempted to focus first on fulfilling your own needs and comfort? Pray for us, for these are the challenges we face every moment here in El Salvador. Will we trust in acting on American entitlement, or give and keep giving no matter how much those around us seek to take.