It is hard to believe it has already been two weeks since we got back from Honduras! We had such a fun and meaningful time over there. We were very blessed that the Lord kept us all
safe and things went smoothly [for the most part.] 🙂

But more importantly, we were so blessed to see the Lord do awesome things in the lives of many of the people involved in this trip. We got to see life transformation in the lives of some of the kids we got to work with. Several kids got up on the last day of camp and gave powerful testimony of the work that God did in their life during the week we were there.

Not only were campers lives changed but each of ours were as well. Whether it was through wrestling with the language barrier, being encouraged by our fellow Honduran counselors, or just getting to be a part of the lives of people in Honduras God used things on this trip to mold is more into the image of Jesus.

It has been so cool to keep in touch as a team since we have been back through our group message. We all miss being together but are thankful for the experience we got to share! We are excited to see how God keeps using us to advance his kingdom and how he uses life to conform us into the image of his Son.

Pray for Honduras!