Our time in the Dominican Republic ended with sweet goodbyes from our national team. They showered us with encouragement and gratitude and then kids all ran forward to give their counselors letters they had written and concluded with the biggest group hug that squeezed some tears right out of a few of us! After the massive hug they had one final announcement for us…that it was “SELFIE TIME!” and we took one last picture to remember this group of friends that has become family.


As we took our suitcases to the bus, one of Daniels campers was chasing after him holding on to his suitcase because he didn’t want his counselor to leave, he even climbed on the bus to try and come home with us!


Once we said final goodbyes and loaded the bus we enjoyed some Dominican candy on the way to the airport that our bus driver gave us and we soaked in the view of the ocean one last time. Traveling back home was full of laughing, reflecting, sleeping and pizza!

As our team heads back to their college campuses and begin spring classes, we know that they will continue reflecting on what they learned, and that their memories and stories will give God the glory and let His name be heard. Please join us in praising the Lord for our safety, the leaders and staff in the Dominican Republic, the campers we were able to spend a few days with, and all the Pine Cove college staff who traveled to Latin America. We are excited and expectant for what the Lord will continue to do in the Dominican Republic, and we are simply thankful for HIS work that He invited us to be part of!

Until next time,
The Outback Crew