“Rebecca said I could write this”- Guest Post from Gavin Tomlin

Posted Jan 10, 2016

Hey this is Gavin.

And today marks our final day of camp in Costa Rica. Tomorrow is the day that we have scheduled for tourism (we don’t know what we’re doing yet and our national team is determined that “it’s a surprise!”) and the following day we are headed back to America!

Yesterday afternoon some of the camp staff and program staff from pine cove dug a trench in front of the girls’ cabin so that there would be a mud pit and obstacle course. As always, with mud pits/obstacle courses, it was an enormous mess and a whole bunch of fun.

Last night the campers and staff were treated to a show put on by the man who owns the campground. He owns and operates a Light and Production company that travels around to churches and camps in Costa Rica, using song and dance to preach the gospel in engaging ways. The impact of the performance was almost indescribable. Nearly all the campers were crying and several of the Pine Cove counselors and the camp staff were able to pray with and for students and for decisions they were making for Jesus Christ. We continue to pray for these students, that The Lord would provide for and protect these students as they continue to walk toward Him.

We got to wake up at a more reasonable hour this morning, had some breakfast (arroz con frijoles), some bible study, and tried out a new game: “Three Legged Capture The Flag”, which one counselor called “a flop”, others saying that it was “a mess”. Our translator said that he’s “never felt so powerless and helpless”. However, Jayde, a winner, claimed that “it was great”, throwing everything into question. I don’t think this is a game we’re going to bring back to the states.

We only have a few more hours left with our campers, so please pray that their hearts would be opened to feel the weight of the gospel, even in these last hours. Thanks!

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  1. Wow wow wow. Gavin how did you talk Deemer into letting you write a post? Very impressive. I’m SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS. Sad that I’m not living what’s happening in these posts but I don’t even care- God is faithful and using you guys and Holy cow I’m excited about that! Love all of you and praying!

  2. I have been praying for the team and for each of you individually, as well as the kids, families and others God brings before you…but this Mama’s heart is overflowing at reading her son’s words 🙂 I cannot wait to hear everything from Gavin when he returns. No doubt, you’ve all had a Kingdom impact, and likely been changed yourselves. Praying that you have a wonderful time tomorrow and grasp everything God has for you in CR.