Quotes from the Team

Posted Jan 9, 2016

We asked our team, “What has impacted you the most on this trip?”

Here are their responses:

E.J. Hibbler -“The first night hearing the cultural barriers was frustrating for me. So, I prayed for the Lord to remind me that His mercies are renewed daily. He granted it, easily. Our Father gives good gifts. When we ask for food, He doesn’t give us rocks. Prayer works!”IMG_6091

Meghann McLeskey – “Love trancends culture, nationality, and language. These brothers and sisters of mine have richly blessed me in showing that love.”IMG_6085

Travis Long – “To see the gospel in action in another language is a testament to God’s desire to know ALL people of ALL nationalities, and of His love for ALL.”IMG_6087

Hannah Haynes – “One thing that has been so cool to me this week is the unity that comes from knowing the Lord. The relationships that have formed with the national staff are a beautiful picture that His love knows no language or cultural barriers.”IMG_6089

Zach Adams – “God revealed to me that it wasn’t necessary for me to understand Spanish in order to give Him glory.”IMG_6093

Ally Fraustro – “I’ve loved getting to witness the advancement of the camp we have planted here in the DR. It has also been cool getting to use the gift God has given me of being bilingual to help ease the language barrier. God is working in huge ways here and I’m excited to be a part of it!”IMG_6086

Hunter Hindsman – “I’ve been able to build relationships with campers and the national staff that are closer than a lot of relationships back home, solely because of Jesus Christ being our connecting point.”IMG_6094

Abby Eades – “Learning about my co-counselor’s culture, the things we have in common, and seeing her love for our Jesus has been beautiful.”IMG_6083

Zach Dearmin – “I’ve experienced first hand how God’s joy, faithfulness, and love is not bound to a certain country or language.”IMG_6092

Carson Hadaway – “God has so evidently revealed Himself through people who I can barely communicate with. How cool is that?!”IMG_6095

Maddie Hutt – “Yesterday, we got to experience God’s glory from the top of a beautiful mountain, and from the shores of a gorgeous beach. It made me feel truly privileged to be here, loving on kids in His name.”IMG_6088

Samantha Fritz – “In this trip, I have seen the truth, and beauty, and power of the love of the Lord. It spans across ethnicities, nationalities, cultures, and languages. It overcomes all obstacles that stand in its way.”IMG_6084

Deanna Bruner – “I’ve loved getting to worship together. We may worship in different languages, or ways, but we are all worshipping the same God.”IMG_6090

Caroline Gray – “Even in the moments of limited understanding, when sharing testimonies in English and Spanish, the joy and love of the Lord shined brightly. God’s love needs no translation.”IMG_6007

Daniel Lindsey  – “I have been amazed to see the Lord work even in the midst of our weaknesses. To see almost half of the campers respond in submission to the Lord’s will in their lives is humbling.”IMG_6003

Pat Preston – “Psalm 133:1 says, ‘Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!’ I have been humbled to see the goodness of the Lord and how He has united both teams together for the gospel.” IMG_6000



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  1. So proud of this team and I know God is delighted in you all even more so. How great and powerful He is and I know He did amazing things through all of you!