We are having trouble with our internet…a common theme on Latin America Pine Cove trips…

But here is a short run down of our day:

  1. We got some sleep (much needed after our travels yesterday.
  2. We got to go to church with our Dominican Republic friends. So cool to see church in a different culture to the same God!
  3. We finished up our training sessions and are ready for campers!
  4. We practiced some cheers and dances (the important things obviously).
  5. And we got all our activity classes ready too!
  6. Now some sleep so we are ready to GOOOOO!!!

We are hoping to get you a better and more informative post tomorrow morning!

Be praying for our internet whoas to improve and for our campers as they travel and arrive at camp tomorrow!

Everyone is safe and doing well; excited for the coming days!