After a full nights sleep last night, we’ve finally been able to meet our Costa Rican co-counselors! This morning, we spent the day doing training sessions that cover basics of Pine Cove camping – it’s been a great refresher on why we do what we do and for our whole group to be unified together. We’ve also taught link tag, 4 corners and zorb ball in the time between our breaks! Many thanks to our translator, who has blessed our group (and me specifically) by his translating skills. We’d be lost without him!
This afternoon we continued training and Hellen has been going over our schedule for the next few days. Hellen is of the most organized camp directors I’ve met – she’s got everything planned down to the last detail and I’ve loved working alongside of her. We’ve also been learning some dances and songs that we’ll do with our campers – lets just say we’ve got some work to do – but watching our staff makes for some pretty good comedy.
Tomorrow, our first group comes with 40 kiddos ages 8-12. We’ve got a full day planned and are excited to finally meet them. Please pray for continued health for our team, that we would eyes to see and hear though we don’t always understand the language and most importantly that God be glorified. We are grateful beyond measure to be here!
Also – “Que Chiva” is slang here for saying something is cool! You’ll probably find us repeating it frequently over the next week!