Hola friends!

Thank you for your continued prayers for our team and our time here. Yesterday we drove 2 hours into town to attend church with our Dominican hosts. I (Bedazzle!) what to start by sharing that yesterday I was reminded of just how BIG our God really is. I can recall some specific moments in my life where I’ve truly recognized the Lord’s creativity and design. Yesterday morning was one of those moments. I’m in Latin America standing beside both Pine Cove and DR staff and in one ear I’m hearing worship in Spanish and in the other ear (via the headphone piece they gave us) the message is being translated for me in English. As I was debating whether to sing the words of songs I know in English or in Spanish I was reminded that it doesn’t matter because either way God hears me. He sees me. He knows me. He hears every single one of us. He knows every word of every language, and beyond that He knows each of us way better than we even know ourselves! People, THAT is is the God we get to serve!! I was overjoyed by the simplicity in the truth that was revealed to me in that moment; He knows me, He sees me.

The bus ride back was hilarious, we played the game heads up and told some great stories. Once back at camp we continued preparations because…CAMPERS BE COMIN’! We sorted supplies, planned activities and taught our friends how to play Spike Ball!

We walked down to check out the river and can’t wait to see campers and counselors slippin’ and slidin’ with rafts down here:

We concluded the night with teaching our Pine Cove cheers, a pasta dinner, and surprising our friends with the excitement of cabin assignments.

Praising God for a team of people who are so hospitable and eager to serve. Thanking Him for sending His son that we may have life, and have it abundantly (John 10:10).