Posted Jan 7, 2016

Last night at club, the local team had their pastor share the gospel with the kids. He then asked if any of them wanted to make a decision to follow Christ. Over 15 little ones said yes!! We are rejoicing along with Heaven! Please pray that their decision was genuine and that this week was a week of life transformation! These are the kiddos hearing more about what their decision means and that hey now have new life in Christ! 

We continue to see God answer lots of prayers daily.  Yesterday was much better than the first in that everyone seemed to find a little more of their groove. Way fewer metaphorical fires now! 🙂

We have foun that the kids love dancing and anything involving water. This morning we played water balloon games!

Signing out,

Your Spanglish Experts

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  1. Hurray! Your prayer partners and all the angels are rejoicing with you! You are making an eternal difference.

  2. Oh my!! My heart is just jumping up and down for those sweet kids! Love you guys! Just so proud of all your hard work! Cannot wait for tomorrow’s post!! 🙂

  3. Praise the Lord for the salvation of those precious children! So thankful they have joined the family of God!!

  4. Guys I have been so blessed by reading this blog and seeing how God uses y’all even with obvious communication gaps! Praise the Lord for the other nights club and the Gospel going out! I think what everyone would like to see now is Will and Coleman in a dance contest against locals….give the people what they want!!!!!