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Peru Bound!

Posted Jan 3, 2016

We are in line to board our plane and we can hardly wait! In 6 hours and 40 minutes we will land in Arequipa, Peru!

Last night we all met in Dallas, had pizza and caught up with each other! Then we completed our safety and camp training sessions before heading to bed!

Last night Fulgham lost a bet and had to wear her hair in pig tails, we all laughed.

We left this morning and made it safely to Dallas where Bedazzle ran up the escalator with her suitcase. We all laughed again.

We made it to Atlanta, got some great food and we are all boarded on the plane to Peru now! Here’s a few more pictures from today! 

Hello Luke, welcome to the pic   

Here’s our team! Wahoo! 

We made it on the plane!   Is that a boy band in the airport?   Daisy is on board! 

  And Noah aka Banks! 


Hamilton….being Hamilton. (Notice there is a banana in a seatbelt??) He keeps us entertained to say the least.

   Haley was sleepy! 😉   

 Stay tuned for more pictures and updates to come! We are trilled to see what the Lord has in store for our time in Peru! 

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  1. Loving all of these pictures! Everyone is looking good! 🙂

    PS to any parents reading this, they did all make it to the camp after flight #2, around 6:30am eastern time. Seems like everyone is doing well, & they’re excited for campers to come today!