Today we’re wrapping up our first session of camp. We woke up to a cold morning today in the mountains. After breakfast, our campers had time for Bible study and their last two activity classes. Pictured below is the parachute activity class playing a game of red rover.


After activities, we will have lunch together and the campers will have some reflection time. After reflection time, we will have a time for campers to share what they have learned and celebrate through our closing ceremony.

We are so thankful for God’s graciousness this session. We have been blown away by how smoothly camp has run and how incredible our national team has been. The national staff have been quick to learn and even more, to apply what they learn. It has been an awesome blessing to have so much of the national team speak English and really be patient with our Timbers team and serve us well by translating and explaining what we say to the campers. We are also grateful for the delicious food, our first cups of coffee this morning, and this gorgeous camp site we are staying in! (Check out the map below)


This afternoon, please be praying for the campers to be open to share what they have learned or what they may still be struggling through. We are so excited to hear even more of what the Lord has been doing in this place! Around 3:30 we will be loading up and heading back to the missionary hostel about two hours away for some rest and debrief. Keep following for more updates and stories!