Parting is such sweet sorrow

Posted Jan 11, 2018

Today started with a delicious breakfast buffet at our hotel before heading to a couple marketplaces for souvenirs in Asuncion. Next we got to enjoy some ice cream with our national staff. Como se dice YUM.

As you may know, fútbol is huge in South America, and we got to tour the Conmebol soccer museum this afternoon. We saw several of the old world cups and got to watch a 180 degree movie about soccer in South America in a giant soccer ball!

We ate dinner as a team in the galería in Asuncion and got to laugh and enjoy each other’s company as we finish up our trip. God has been so gracious and kind to let us laugh in abundance and have so much fun while serving and growing in Him!

We got to end the night with share time with our national staff to recap the second session of Camp. It was so awesome to hear some of the counselors share about being desperate for God to work. You see we had older campers this session which meant building relationships would be harder. One counselor shared about how he saw God answer his prayers for the right things to say to his campers and how that made him trust God and fully surrender more. How cool!

God has done a mighty work to break down language barriers and use each of us in unique ways in our time here. I’m continually reminded that Gods power is not measured by my circumstances or the outcomes I can anticipate and this trip is ample evidence of that. I’m excited for all of you reading this to hear how your friend, or daughter, or son or whoever you are connected to on our team that brings you to our blog saw God as they were serving in Paraguay.

Please pray for us as we head out at 6:30 tomorrow morning for safety in our travels. Also pray for us as we process our experience; that we would give all the glory to God and remember the wonderful things He did.

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