Last night we came back to the mission house where we stayed the first night. Before that though, we went to the mall here in San Salvador. The mall was quite big. It had a modern feel to it with multiple levels. We got to walk around and saw a lot of stores that were in the USA, but also many that we’d never seen before. We ate ice cream in the food court and every person got their chance to try and order in Spanish.



Then we arrived at the mission house. A few of the kids from the camp surprised us and were at the house to hang out with. We were then told that we could make our own papusas! So most of us tried our hand at it. It was a fun process and we got to choose the ingredients to put in them. A papusa has a flour and rice mixture on the outside with your choice of beans, cheese, chicken, pork, peppers, and salsa to put on the inside. It would be similar to a quesadilla. However, the tortillas are much thicker and it is all incased in the tortilla. They were all handmade and nobody messed up their papusa too bad. They were so yummy, everyone was raving about them!













Today we will be having our ‘tourism’ day! We are going in a bus to somewhere that is a surprise. We are so excited to find out what it is. Later we will be going to the market to get souvenirs and see more of the local culture here is in El Salvador. Talk to you later