Hey, everyone! As you can see, we have an incredibly capable team heading to Panama with us this year. Currently, all the full-time staffers leading trips for Campamentos de Impacto are making some last minute preparations before we all head do Dallas in a few hours. I wanted to make our flight itinerary public so that:

1. Family and friends of team members would know what their people were doing and when.

2. So that anyone and everyone visiting our blog site would have the opportunity to pray for our journey.

Trip Itinerary

Here’s an abbreviated general overview of our week:

  • Friday, January 3 – Travel to Arraijan, Panama. Staff orientation.
  • Saturday, January 4 – Tour around Panama City
  • Sunday – Attend church at Panamanian Iglesia Bautista de Arraijan
  • Monday-Friday – Camp
  • Saturday – Day Camp
  • Sunday – Travel back to Dallas

Thanks for following, our blog, and make sure to comment! We’ll read out the comments to our team each night and that’s fun stuff.