When we arrived back at the church to drop off the campers, our friends at Vida Nueva (the church we have partnered with) had a surprise for us! The staff had a time of worship with us and also had made a video of our time at camp. After the video, we had some time to share things we’ve learned while at camp. We finished off the night with an El Salvadorian favorite- pupusas! We made it rain pupusas (see Leigh below). We enjoyed every last minute of time with our national friends and will miss them so very much. We have been so blessed and encouraged by their ministry here and are thankful to know these brothers and sisters in Christ.

For now, it’s off to bed! We will be loading the bus at 6:30 in the morning to head to the airport for our 9:30 flight. Keep up with us to check on our flight home (AA 2294)! Our flight is scheduled to land at 1pm in terminal D.