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Posted Jan 16, 2017

Thank you so much for following our blog, supporting us, and praying for us. Guatemala was an incredible adventure! It was humbling to get to serve alongside of the National team and join in what God is doing in Guatemala. For our last blog, we want to share with you all how the Lord impacted us during our trip. Each of our staff shared one of their favorite pictures and a quick sentence or two of something they learned. Hope you enjoy!

I learned the importance of living in freedom and not clinging to things. This world is temporary and everyone needs to love like Guatemalans do. 

– Natalie Hinson

I learned that the gospel and my relationship with Christ never goes stale or grows boring. The Guatemalans reminded me of the simple joys that life with Christ brings.

– Taylor Winchester

God’s will is going to be done regardless of your actions. He loves us so much that He simply wants you to be a part of the audience watching it happen before your very eyes. 

– Dylan Gilbert

When you get outside society, you begin to realize what is most important to you and what you truly value. In Guatemala, they value love and relationships, and regardless of the barriers or hardships, the love of Christ is present.

– Dillon Smith

God has no bounds. He is not bounded by borders or languages. Seeing the people in Guatemala worship our same God in a completely different language gave me a new perspective of how great and mighty our Lord really is.

– Lauren Latham

I learned what it looks like for the gospel to be shared without the use of words. I was also awestruck with the reminder of how big, powerful, and loving my savior is. 

– Whitney Young

What we encountered in Guatemala were a people that love the Lord with a freedom from the materials of this earth. They pour their hearts out selflessly so that others may see and experience the love of Christ Jesus. Our team learned several memorable and impactful lessons as we got to come along side such a humble group of people. God is mighty and His love has no end. His glory reigns over all the earth and it was amazing to get a better perspective on that fact outside of our borders of home. I am so proud of our team and the way they surrendered themselves to be used by God in Guatemala City. 

– Taylor Gembol

My God is not limited. He is just as mighty, just as powerful, just as loving, and just as present no matter where you are. He was present every step of the way and his love was demonstrated so clearly through every person we got the opportunity to work alongside. He is not limited. 

– Emma Martino 

I experienced my inadequacy to be given grace like never before. I came into this trip selfishly and pridefully and my heart was broken by grace shown me by reading his word and seeing those around give so freely of themselves to advance the kingdom. 

– Kory Krumrey

How blissful life can be pondering the Prince of Peace over poverty. I got to see what truly living abundantly looked like by the joy and love we were shown as a team. How blessed we were to share Jesus and our very lives with the local people. How much of a privilege it was to serve the church leaders there, who possess a faith so organic and fascinating, that it’s beauty surpassed the most awe inspiring natural wonders of Guatemala.

– Travis Cotton

The people we spent time with in Guatemala were solely focused on our job as believers to simply love and serve others in order to share the love and good news of our savior Jesus. It was encouraging to watch the community of VidaNueva Church passionately chase after those around them with the gospel of Christ. This experience reminded me how little we are and how big our God is!

– Jodi Palmer 

Each part of the human body is unique and has a specific function that contributes to the overall purpose. In the same way, the global church is composed of many cultures, languages, and gifts that together fulfill the purpose of expanding the Kingdom of heaven here on earth. Our time in Guatemala was a beautiful picture of a church that is passionately seeking after the Lord, in a way that may look different than the American church, but is no less significant or impactful. 

– Nikki Germenis

“Let those around you see the smile of God in you”. One of the leaders we served with said this to me and it truly encapsulates what Guatemala was like. Whether it be morning or night, adult or child, leader or camper, those we encountered in this beautiful country lived and breathed God. This trip reminded me of what it looks like to live with abandon and I am truly blessed to have seen it firsthand. 

– David McGinnis

The more we have in this world, the easier it is to become attached to the world. Abundant life is not in abundant things. God continues to remind me that giving of your time, money, and gifts for His glory is the way to experience abundant life. 

– Kayla Sims

Hope you all enjoy these small snap shots from Guatemala! Please continue to pray for VidaNueva Church as they spread the Gospel in Guatemala City. Praise the Lord for an amazing trip and that now we get to continue to serve Him here in the states. 

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