With only a little over 16 hours left at camp, there is a sense of excitement mixed with sadness. It’s truly a bittersweet day. Sweet because we have seen God do so much here. We have witnessed the Holy Spirit bridge the gap that language creates, uniting two different cultures as we bring glory to the Lord. Another sweet thing…we will be States-side in just a few short days!

However, it’s also sad because campers will leave tomorrow. Saying goodbye to the kiddos and the Nicaraguan staff will be very hard for us. In just 5 days, we have made new friends and siblings in Christ. We’ve also heard rumors that it’s freezing cold back in the States and we’re not too excited about leaving the warm and sunny weather here….ha!

It has been a pretty chill day here as we wrap things up. Lots of pictures! “Photo photo photo!” is a common request from the campers. Right now everyone is participating in their chosen activity class for the afternoon. A group activity will follow and tonight there are plans for a bonfire. Cabins have been practicing their dramas for exhibition tonight. The leader here also wants them to write down their testimonies. We’re excited to see how that will impact their hearts and lives as they reflect on what God has done!
It has been such a cool week for me (Anna)! After going as a counselor to Honduras last year, this is my second CC trip to attend but my first as a leader. It’s incredibly humbling to realize God doesn’t need us in His big plan, but that He desires to include us in it. My heart was softened last night as the parable of the lost sheep hit me in a different way. Witnessing how the Holy Spirit is working on our translator, Jamie, as well as many others here, I see how persistent and loving the Lord is. He would send 15 twenty-something’s from the US to Central America to share the love of Christ….and even if only one person was to receive the free gift of salvation! Wow. How He loves us! It has shown me the pursuit of God as well as taught me more about what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus no matter where you live. Jamie and I were discussing this morning how a Christian isn’t perfect by any means, but should bear good fruit. I pointed to a palm tree and reminder her of Jesus’ parables about fruit as well as Paul’s explanation of the fruits of the Spirit. We chatted about having consistency in your words and actions. Very convicting.

Andrew and I got to encourage the leaders here today, letting them know they did a great job putting on camp this week! They were so teachable and eager to learn! We admired the way they desired to give the campers an excellent camping experience.

THANK YOU for the Blomments!!! We love reading them! Keep praying for us! ¡Buenas tardes! IMG_3003.JPG