Hola mi familia y Mis amigos!

Esther here, and yesterday was filled with the Lord’s provisions during a full day of camp!

In the morning, campers got to go to four different activity classes, and I had the privilege of leading archery! Most campers commented on how much they loved feeling like Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) or Robin Hood. It was a joy to teach them the basics and watch them fire away at the targets. I remember thinking to myself as I watched them, “self, how awesome is it to see the Lord in these sweet 10 and 11 year olds’ faces!!” Truths like these have been so evident in the most obscure ways.

I have been reading a couple of Psalms over the week, and one that has particularly stuck with me is from Psalm 33. Specifically I have been clinging to what David says in verse 21: in Him our hearts REJOICE. What a neat reminder of the hope that we have in Him-so much that we are called to rejoice in that hope. Stunning.

If you’d like to know what else is stunning here in the DR, it’s that the Lord is BIG. Something that I have been learning and seeing over and over in my life is that there is something bigger and greater than myself. I have chosen to say yes to him, but I also know that I have done nothing to make that relationship right with God. I have gotten to experience how great our God, who we serve, is through skits, free time at the pool where campers LOVE to stand on your shoulders in the rain, and the national staff we have the joy of partnering with. He is so much bigger than crazy campers, sleepiness, and language barriers. He is sovereign.

My hope is that we as a body of believers continues to learn of the intricate and often unfathomable characteristics of God through the experiences he allows us to encounter. As our time here in the DR comes to a close, I will be resting in the truth and grace that I serve a powerful God who cares deeply about his people-to the ends of the earth.