Our First Goodbye

Posted Jan 7, 2018

Our first session of camp ended today and it was pretty bittersweet.

Saying bye to our campers brought lots of tears- from us and them! We jumped and screamed bye as they left on their bus to go back to the city.

This afternoon was pretty special. We spent some time worshipping in English and Spanish with the Guatemalans and then Mario shared a devotional. He even translated for himself! It was so sweet to get to worship together and a neat opportunity to build unity and re-center our focus on the Lord.

We had quite a bit of free time and hung out, played cards, sang lots of karaoke (in both languages!) and rested up for our second session of camp that starts tomorrow!

Two big prayer requests came out of today- the first, that campers would make it back home safely, would be able to connect in a church, and continue to grow in their walk with the Lord. Second, we were expecting about 50 campers for the next session, but we’ve had a bunch cancel unexpectedly and for no reason. Be praying that the Lord provides campers and brings people to camp so that we can share the gospel!

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  1. Sunday, Jan. 7th

    (Clap, clap)
    Go God!!!

    Sounds like it was a great camp!
    We will pray for the sweet souls to continue remembering how much Jesus loves them and for a compassion to go and spread His love.

    Sounds like you guys had an awesome day praising The Father. Wow… I would haveloved to have heard Mario’s share time. Dual-language messages are amazing. Mario, you ROCK!!!

    Karaoke…. Wellllllllll…I hope Karrington stuck to English!! Lol!! Love ya Sis!

    We will pray for the campers that are to come to have wide open hearts to receive His love so deeply they are forever propelled to go and share The Gospel.

    Keep smiling for Jesus!!

    You guys are awesome! God created each of you with such unique gifts. (Yes I know… because I see your posts on social media and see your love for Him. Yep…so maybe I do look at Insta more than I should. #nowdontjudge ). Praying for you to walk bravely into tomorrow with an unquenchable joy…jumping and smiling for Jesus!

    Drink water!

    Big, BIG hugs to each of you!!!
    Love y’all!

  2. Praying for campers to change their minds and just show up…or for some to walk up and want to hop in!

    Love all your pictures!