We had a really fun day seeing all sorts of beautiful things, shopping in downtown Tegucigalpa, walking through parks, and drinking something really yummy in a coffee shop!




We have absolutely loved our time in this beautiful country with our new friends. We have all learned a lot about so many things, but most importantly, we were able to see more of who our God is. It’s been an incredible experience and we all have so many stories to share about how awesome God is and what He is doing down here! So, whoever you’ve been following this blog for, please ask them for stories when you see them again!

Here is our travel itinerary for tomorrow (Sunday):

TACA 480: depart from Tegucigalpa at 6:40am and arrive in San Salvador, El Salvador at 7:45am.

TACA 440: depart San Salvador at 8:44am and arrive at DFW at 12:24pm.

We have missed you guys and we will see you soon!

Signing out one last time,
Your Favorite Coming Home Tomorrow Americans