Our Cup Runneth Over

Posted Jan 9, 2018

We had a great first full day with our campers! It’s crazy how different this session is having high schoolers instead of elementary like last session. It’s fun to see their energy and they really love playing games and competition. It’s also been so fun to teach them Pine Cove dances, they catch on quick and always want to dance more!!

We started the morning with a devotional and then headed to breakfast. After breakfast we taught some activity classes and that’s when we really saw the competitive spirit come out! We had to cool off in the pool and then headed to bible study before lunch. After we had some water games and they were a blast!

Most of the games ended with a counselor getting a bucket of water dumped on their head and it was hilarious to watch!

We all jumped back in the pool and then headed to some team building games. We may not have completed them (looking at you impossible jump rope game!) but we grew in our unity and had fun.

Tonight for dinner we had Catherine’s favorite food, corn, and then geared up for a night FULL of activities. Our night game lead us to the fire, where Jorgema presented the gospel and we worshiped together. After we had a Guatemala get down and danced until our legs fell off. It’s been a fun and full day!

Be praying for our last day with campers tomorrow! We’re sad to see them head back home and are praying that they are able to take what they learned here with them. It’s been sweet to see the relationships we’ve been able to form so quickly!

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  1. What an amazing day!!!! Keep shining HIS light to those young people!

    Oh and competitiveness… I know one Camp Counselor in particular who may be a “tad” competitive!!!! What fun!!!!

    We will continue to pray for God to use each of you!

    Be safe!
    Love to you all!!!!!!

  2. You are all doing an amazing job of loving and sharing the gospel through word and personal interaction. Praying that the young people you have worked with will remember all you have taught them. They will remember your love.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a fun day! Sounds like a blast and looks like everyone is having a great time! Enjoy your last day with them!

  4. Last day tomorrow?!? Wow, this is going fast. Great pictures, and so glad for all of the relationships formed and love of Jesus being shared. Still praying for you all!