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Posted Jan 4, 2017

¡Hola Amigos! 
Our first full day in Nicaragua has been incredible! We got some great sleep last night (we were SO tired from traveling) and woke up feeling rested. We had an awesome devotional with the Nicaraguan staff over John 21:1-14 and then some fresh breakfast this morning, made by the best cooks in all of Nicaragua (we’re thoroughly convinced and maybe a little biased). After breakfast we got started with some Pine Cove Way sessions taught by Manuel, one of the Nicaraguan leaders! During these “Way sessions” Manuel explained the heart behind everything we do at camp, how it is all for God’s glory and for the campers to know Jesus more! 

After the Way sessions, we got the opportunity to learn from the Nicaraguan staff some of the games and dances that we’ll be leading the campers in, once they get here! We also got to teach them some Pine Cove dances and games, as well! This was a great time to bond with them, laugh, talk about our favorite passages of Scripture and to see so many personalities come out. It was just another example of how God uses camping ministry to break down walls and build relationships in order to share the Gospel with so many. 

After a really well timed-after lunch- siesta (a tradition we really wish would catch on in the U.S.), we spent a lot of the day decorating camp in preparation for the campers coming tomorrow. Even though our art supplies were limited, our team’s Pinterest DIY skills really kicked in, and camp looks great! Our team met their Nicaraguan co-counselors that they will get to lead cabins with all week. They got some incredible time to pray with them, asking the Lord to do eternal work in their lives and their campers lives during the short time they’re here. 

We’re excited for the campers to get here bright and early tomorrow, maybe as early as 6 am!!! We have a full day planned and we’re anxious with anticipation to meet all 60+ of our campers tomorrow and begin to have fun and share the love of Christ with them! 

Please leave blog comments below if you’d like! We’ll read them to the team, daily, and love to hear how you guys are praying and following along with us! 

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  1. So thrilled to see you’ve all safely arrived in Nicaragua. Excited to hear of the many wonderful things you’ll teach the campers and bring them closer to know our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Many prayers for a truly wonderful 10 days.

  2. Love this link! Thank you for the updates! May tomorrow bring amazing experiences for all! Love what you all are doing! May God wrap his arms around all of you this week.

    • So happy to see this too, Julie! Thanks for sharing so we can keep up with the progress of Caroline and other campers. May the peace of the Lord be always with them!

  3. I love it! Seems like a very smooth and fun day-o-prepo! (see the Spanish skills there). I’m praying that you have great rest and as campers are probably already there as I’m writing this, you have energy and excitement!

  4. So excited to read the blog everyday. Love seeing all the pictures and reading about your day. Can’t wait to see pict of the kids once they get to camp. God bless you all! Praying for you daily!!

  5. Shout out from Colonel Custards’s family! So glad y’all arrived safely and sure appreciate these updates! Praying for all of you and God’s Love to shine through you! Alan, Camille and Clayton