You may be thinking to yourself…what has happened in Argentina since the last post. Well let me tell you!!

We got to do Cabin Assignments and everyone got to meet their Co. Counselor for the week. We spent the rest of Monday decorating, cleaning, and preparing camp. It was fun to get to work along side one another to make camp look great!


Yesterday was Opening Day! All of the campers arrived at 11:00am and we had a jam packed day until 12:00pm that night! There has been a lot of Spanglish, dancing, games and charades learning how to communicate with our campers and counselors but it has been a ton of fun. Check out these pictures:

The Lord does not need us to do His work, but I am so thankful that He uses us. It is a humbling experience to be unable to communicate the gospel with our words. But we are called to do much more than just speak the gospel, we are called to live it.

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