On Wednesdays, we DANCE!

Posted Jan 6, 2016


It’s Wednesday down here in Paraguay and we just finished up our
second full day of camp! It has been so cool to see our staff bond
with our campers and really start to communicate in Español!
Today we met with all our Pine Cove staff to see how everyone was
doing and it’s pretty solid across the board that we are tired and
weary, but that is when we get to see Gods strength displayed fully in
us! It’s clear to see God is at work here with our campers and our
staff. We covet your prayers over us especially that God would
continue to fill us with joy in the present and rest in the grace of
Jesus and that our delight would be to do God’s will while we are

Bailar or Dancing has been the highlight for a lot of our campers(“uno
mas bailar!”). We’ve done it all, Church Clap, Wobble, Soldiers, and
Chainsaw and we even had a dance party in the pool this afternoon(can
you say water aerobics?). Our campers are really excited to be here
and participate in all the activities, which we pray is a way for us
to show Gods love more and more as the week goes on!

Tonight Ashley gave the gospel talk to our campers at Club, so say an
extra prayer that their hearts would be captivated by the love of
Christ and that kids would trust Him for the first time! We can’t
believe we are already half way through our session, it’s gone by

Also meet our camp cat Tres Leches. She’s a three legged cat that
roams the camp all day. Fun fact: Tres Leches fell in the pool at 11
last night after the dog chased her in. Don’t worry Tres Leches is

We can’t wait for the rest of the week!

Pray for our staff health and perseverance and that campers would
experience the life changing love of Jesus while they are here.

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  1. I’ve been keeping up with the blog! Praying for y’all and know that you are being faithful to the way the Spirit is leading you. I know you can continue to be unconditional in the love you show!