Hola! Our first full day training with our Panamanian friends was a success! After our breakfast, we met back at the seminary where we began working through our training materials on why do camp and our philosophy behind camping ministry.

One of my favorite parts of training has been going over the philosophy “It’s not about me” which is a common phrase heard as a Pine Cove staffer. The meaning behind the phrase is simply found in Philippians 2:3 which says “Do nothing out if selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility consider others better than yourself. Your attitude should be that of Christ Jesus.” Translated to Spanish is “No se trata de mi.” What a gift that we can join together with our Panama partners to raise up leaders in camping ministry that are centered on Jesus.

Though only a handful of us actually speak Spanish conversationally, it has been so neat to see everyone on our team attempt (mas y menos) to communicate and be successful! Patience and heaps of grace help as well 🙂

We spent the afternoon after training teaching Panamanians some classic games such as link tag and freeze tag on the field behind our seminary – it was a blast! We finished by playing an hour long intense game of soccer!

Kyle (now known as Kal-El by the Panamanians) and the boys have been dedicated to the task of getting coconuts down from the trees. Current methods are: throwing bamboo javelins in the air, throwing old coconuts into the tree and more. Stay tuned for what happens…we’ve tasted fresh pineapple and know not to pass up an opportunity for fresh coconut!

Tomorrow we travel to local churches around the area and the word on the street is we will be hiking a mountain the area! Bring it on!

Hasta mañana!