Night #1

Posted Jan 3, 2017

We had lunch right when we arrived at the El Salvador version of “chick-fil-a.” 

After that, we came back to our hotel and got to just hang out and catch up on some sleep. The weather could not be more perfect and the view from where we are is so delightful!

Then tonight, we had our first taste of the local food favorite: pupusas. Check out our awesome dinner spot at our hotel! Just dreamy!

We just finished up dinner and are going to head to bed soon after a long travel day! Please pray for us tomorrow as we will spend the day with the local team. Pray for instant unity amongst the two teams and that we would have a blast getting to know them!

Until next time,

Your favorite sleepy, but content, travelers

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  1. Eat all the pupusas you can, they’re not the same in the states!! Love all of you and so excited for what God has in store this week. Praying for community like you’ve never experienced it before, and also just tons and tons of FUN!!

  2. Sup fam! I’ve loved seeing posts leading up to this mission and it’s so great to see your (somewhat tired and offguard) wonderful faces! Praying for each of you and for your team working together. May your words be sweet like honeycomb, may you work until you are heavy laden and lean into God to give you rest, and may you bear one another’s burdens and experience biblical community with friends and strangers alike.
    Lots of love,

  3. so glad that y’all are there and able to rest! Can’t wait to hear how the Lord is going to use you for His Kingdom and His purposes

  4. What a great opportunity for you in your journey for the Kingdom. Eager to hear not only how God will bless El Salvador but how He will bless you as well. Jer. 29:11.