Today has been full of fun and energy! Camp looks very different since we have much younger campers and a staff that speaks less English. Our Timbers staff is being refined and trained to lead out in love and example. The campers range from about age 5 to 13. It has been sweet to see how much these kids love the Lord and want more of Him.

Today at the parachute activity class with Andrew, Rachel, and Gracie, a six-year old named Ingrid blew us away by what she had to say. At the end of the class, we asked for different ways to apply our games to our relationships with Christ as we explained that only our relationship with our Savior is eternal. The kids connected the colors of the parachute to our relationship in this way: red was like the blood that Jesus shed for us, yellow is like the old streets of heaven, and green for the everlasting life we have with Jesus. The kids in this class were ages 5-9. After our application time, we asked for a volunteer to pray when sweet, tiny Ingrid volunteered. Ingrid prayed and asked “in these three days at this fun camp that we would learn and understand God’s word even more”. Did I mention that she’s 6? What a sweet blessing to hear these words out of a child’s mouth. We are blown away by how loving and trusting these kids are. Suffice it to say, any workouts our guy staffers have missed will be made up by how much they’re holding and throwing their campers at all times. They are energetic beyond what we are used to and definitely present different challenges, but we are so blessed by them!

Please be praying that we would be a reflection of Christ’s love and patience to these campers and staff. May we speak and act in the language of love to them so that they may have even a small taste of how much Jesus cherishes each one of them.


Also, a selfie from our visitors, Dutch & Payless, yesterday… In true El Selfie-dor fashion: