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Muy Bien!

Posted Jan 5, 2018

Today was an incredible day. Although it has been raining the entire time that we are here, we have not stopped having mucho divertido!

Today, we finished our training sessions, we learned many new dances from Panama, we taught lots of dances, and assigned cabins for tomorrow! In the morning we will have about 80 kids come to camp who are excited for a very good week. We would love to ask for prayer for safe travels for the kids and that language barriers would not stop instant connections between our counselors and the children.

The team in Panama is incredible. We already feel like we have a second family in this country! It has been amazing to see how people can become friends so quickly whenever they realize that they are connected by the blood of Christ. Now, that does not mean that the we have not accidentally said some pretty outlandish phrases in Spanish- but they are very forgiving and patient. They have officially declared that if Pops (EJ) stays then he will pass as a Panamanian.

We are excited to tell you all that the Lord does this week.

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  1. EJ! Sorry, you can’t stay brother. Too much Columbus Family is already missing you. Pumped for you all and the impact the Lord is having in and through each of you. Can’t wait to hear the stories!