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More fútbol and more laughing!

Posted Jan 9, 2017

Hola mi familia y amigos! I’m amazed we only have one day left with our campers. Wow. How the time has flown by!! 

Before I start let me say, it means so much to know we have the other half of our team at home supporting, praying and cheering us on. So, thank you. 

The day is coming to a close as I write this. I am blown away by the beautiful friendships the Lord has laced together here in Panama. He is so faithful to bring understanding and teamwork in the midst of what could be because of the language barrier. He’s brought connection and unity to two very different cultures. It’s a beautiful thing to see and be apart of. 

As I swing here in this hammock, I can hear the murmur of children talking in their groups. Asking questions. Reflecting. Learning more about Jesus from their counselors and His love for them. 

What a great fourth day! Not only are Panamanians all about fútbol (or soccer as we would say), they also love meal times. We live from meal to snack to meal to snack around here with lots of fun and Jesus and games and sweat in between. I’m thankful for the tasty food we have eaten and the great conversations shared around mealtimes. 

I wish these simple words on a page could record the voices, laughter and smiles of the children we are hanging out with. We had a blast today during activities and this evening as the various cabins put on a talent show. Each group brought energy and creativity during their performances. We watched eagerly as they danced, sang, acted and did funny skits. 

I’m thankful the Lord is not only working in the hearts of kids, but also in my own. Two days ago we played a night game involving obstacles and the kids following their counselors as they were blindfolded. I saw myself in the midst of this activity and the Lord reminded me. He showed me my tendency to doubt him in life when I’m faced with obstacles. Even when I feel blind to his leading or like my way might be better he is still right there next to me. Leading me. Desiring that I follow him wholeheartedly. He asks I replace my doubt with trust. And my fear with belief that he is still right there holding my hand. 

There are so many stories we can’t wait to tell you when we get back of all that the Lord is doing here in the kids lives and in our own!!

Until next time!! Much love, Katie Stiles

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  1. Ahhh Katie!! Your words are bringing back a flood of memories from past trips and allowing us who are reading this to experience a glimpse of ya’ll’s time there. What a great reminder of God working in and through obstacles. I pray that every visual and learning experience while there is deeply ingrained in your memories so that each of you can continue to be reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness in ALL parts of your lives! Enjoy the sun and hammocks while you can! 😉

  2. Katie girl. Yes, I can almost hear the sounds of the children laughing and playing, because who wouldn’t have fun playing futbol & learning to love Jesus with you? May the Lord continue to work through each of you as you give yourselves fully to the work he has for you. Keep on snacking & hammocking for the gospel. Thanks for sharing, Kate! Love y’all the most.

  3. Often, the Lord’s greatest work is done in us and not just through us. So great to read how you’re staying aware of the true nature of ministry! We continue to pray for you.