Meet The Team!

Posted Jan 2, 2018

Get excited peopleMy name is Caleb Wilkins, at camp I go by Tarzan! I’m at Texas A&M working on a degree in environmental studies. A fun fact about myself is that I play professional disc golf. In español my favorite word is pescado

My name is Grace Kennemer and my camp name is Rocky. I go to the University of Arkansas and I am a nursing major! A fun fact is that I love to ski! And my favorite Spanish word is pescado 🐠

My name is Ashley “Eat It” Irvin and I am currently the Women’s Director at Silverado! I’ll be co-leading this trip for the 3rd time (woo!!). A fun fact about me is that I LOVE to bake, especially chocolate cake. My favorite Spanish phrase is como se dice because honestly I’ve been to South America several times and still don’t know Spanish, lol.

My name is Lauren Buntin or Knot a Fan. I go to Baylor University where I am an Environmental Studies major & Entrepreneurship minor. QvtrA fun fact about me is I’ve been to 17 national parks. My favorite spanish word is la mantequilla de cacahuete.

My name is Katie “Bould-A-Bear” Ware (but at camp I go by B-Bear). I go to Mississippi State University and my major is Graphic Design! My fun fact: I can write & draw legibly with my feet. My favorite Spanish word is definitely cumpleaños because A. I love saying it and B. I LOVE birthdays!!!

My name is Zac Bryan or Queso. I go to Texas A&M where I study Finance. Fun fact: Never had a pet. My favorite Spanish word is Guacamole.

My name is Garret Ward and I went to college at Baylor University! I am co-leading the trip with Ashley. I love playing sports of any kind. Hiking is one of my favorites as well. I am a sucker for a good milkshake or ice cream. Can’t wait to go on this trip and do camp again! My favorite word in spanish is ‘mochilla’ because it sounds like you want some more cold but it’s actually a backpack.

My name is Abbie Campbell or Chupa. I go to Palm Beach Atlantic University where I study Medicinal and Biological Chemistry. Fun Fact: I’m really bad at dancing, but I really like to dance.

Favorite Spanish Word: Chupa (obvious reasons lol)

My name is Jenna “Buttercup” (Cuckoo for Buttercups if you want full name lol) Forrester. I go to The University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (go Cru!!) where I study Public Relations and have a minor in Graphic Design. My favorite Spanish word is Zanahorita (baby carrot). Fun fact: I can lick my elbow.

Hello, my name is Fernando Castellon or Lobo! I go to East Tennessee State University, and I am a Nursing major there! Fun fact about me is that Spanish is my first language! That being said I love the language as a whole!

rew or Swells. I go to Lindenwood University where I am a Biology major. Fun fact: I have never been out of the country! Until January 3!

My favorite Spanish word: “Cazador” because it is Hunter.

My name is McCall “trip-a-canoe” Andersen. I go to Texas Tech University where I am a Spanish Major. I’ve been to more countries around the world than states in the United States. My favorite Spanish word is Vale.

My name is Cooper Atkinson or Snap Crocle Pop. I go to Texas A&M University where i study Industrial Engineering. Fun fact: I’ve been wearing crocs since the 3rd grade. My favorite Spanish word is chicle (gum).

th Hart or Smack and Field. I’m a Pre- Nursing Major at Texas Tech University. Fun Fact: I have a jibit in every hole of my crocs, pretty cool right?!

Favorite Spanish word: sacapuntas (pencil sharpener haha).

My name is Cole Payton

or Carver Barber. I go to Texas A&M where I study Computer Engineering. Fun fact: I like to build wood furniture. Favorite Spanish word: Desarollo which means development.

My name is Sarah Winn or potadoze. I go to Colorado State where I study Human Development and Family Studies. Fun fact: I love dance parties more than most things!!! My favorite spanish word is la roca.

My name is Jake “Flyway” Craycraft. I’m a sophomore Aerospace Engineering major at Texas A&M. An interesting fact about me is that I love to play music. My favorite Spanish word is computadora!

Follow along each day as we post updates from camp!

Please pray for safety and the hearts of our staff and campers and that God would move!

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  1. We will be looking forward to your updates regarding the Silverado Mission trip. We will be praying!