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Posted Jan 2, 2018

We are getting ready and so excited to go to Guatemala in just a few days!! We’ve been praying, raising money, talking to people, packing our things, and now it’s finally here! Our team comprises 12 summer staffers from Crier Creek and Camp in the City Team Jungle. We’re pumped to travel, meet the locals, and start doing camp in Guatemala, but first, let me introduce you to our team!

Allye Brillante

Allye or “Rowly Bowly” is a Journalism-Ad PR major at Arkansas University. Her favorite Spanish word is “Brillante” because it’s her last name. Random fact- she loves to make videos and is the full summer videographer at Crier Creek next summer!

Amy Carolina Pereira

Amy or “Beancicleta” is a student at Auburn University. She is studying Social Work. Her favorite spanish word is “fresco”. Fun fact about Amy, she has held a sloth before. She will be working at CITC as a counselor next summer!

Arlin Dawson

Arlin or “SUV” is studying Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. Her favorite Spanish word is “chiquita” and she loves scuba diving. She has worked the past two summers at Crier Creek!

Ashley Gunnels

Ashley or “Gracing Stripes” attends Texas A&M University. She is a Community Health major. He favorite word in Spanish is any word that lets her roll her “r’s” and she loves coffee! She will be a Senior Counselor for CITC this summer!

Cesar Leon

Cesar or “Tweets” is a student at Texas State University. He is a Mass Communication major and Spanish minor. His favorite Spanish word is “camarada”! Fun fact about Cesar, he loves the smell of crayons. He will be a photographer at Crier Creek this summer!

Emmie Acuff

Emmie or “Slumberjack” is studying Communication at Auburn University. Fun fact about Emmie, she sleep talks in German. Her favorite Spanish word is “no”. She has served the last two summers at Crier Creek.

Erik Glover

Erik or “Smooth Raider” attends Texas Tech University. He is an Business Management Major. His favorite word in Spanish is Despacito. Erik loves dogs and once bought a chihuahua to entertain his German Shepherd. He will be a full summer counselor at CITC this summer.

Grant Leslie

Grant or “Fellsetto” is an Entrepreneurship major at UT San Antonio. His favorite Spanish phrase is Viva La Vida and he can play piano with his eyes closed! He will be the Crew Senior Counselor at Crier Creek this summer!

Karrington Slaydon

Karrington or “Beauty and the Feast” is an Industrial Distribution major at Texas A&M University. Her favorite Spanish word is “pollo” which means chicken. Fun fact about Karrington, she has run 2 half marathons and 1 full marathon. She will be returning to CITC this summer as a counselor!

Loren Earl

Loren or “Steelcitydrops” is a Business Finance and Computer Science major at Texas Christian University. His favorite Spanish word is “basura” and he plays guitar and piano and is learning to the banjo and drums. He worked at Camp in the City last summer, and will be a Counselor/Cook this next summer at the Woods.

Mario Lechuga

Mario or “Just Goof It” is an Accounting major at Texas Tech University. His favorite Spanish word is “albóndigas” and he can spend a straight 7 hours sitting at a desk studying accounting! He has worked the past summers at CITC!!

McKenna Holcomb

McKenna or “Missing under the Mistletoe” is an Elementary Education major at Oklahoma Baptist University. Her favorite Spanish word is “estrella”. Random fact about McKenna, she can snap with her pinky. She will be working full summer at CITC this summer!

Will Brown

Will or “Beats” graduated from the University of Alabama and works full time for Camp in the City. He is the Site Director for Team Jungle. He was a Business Management major and his favorite word(s) in Spanish is Pollo Loco. Random fact about Will- once he was in a gas station while it was getting robbed and he had no idea.

Catherine Taylor

Catherine or “An-nyeong” graduated for Auburn University with a degree in Spanish. She is the Women’s Director at Crier Creek. Her favorite word in Spanish is “zumaya”. Fun fact about Catherine- she’s been on a few billboards around the Houston area.

We’ve got a great crew! We’re so pumped to see all the Lord will do over the next 10 days. Be praying for us as we travel and get adjusted to our first few days of camp. We will post again once we land and make it to our campsite!

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  1. God bless you and keep you and cause His face to shine upon each of you!🙏🏼😇👍🎈