Hey there! Let me introduce you to our team!

Cameron “Hipstar” Marti:

Hey there! I am Cameron “Hipstar” Marti! I am a Junior at The University of North Texas and i study Geography with an emphasis on environmental science. I got the name Hipstar because of the fact that I live in Denton (a notoriously hipster town) and love to thrift shop. When I was named, I was wearing a shirt that i had bought at a thrift store. The second story that gave me this name is the fact that I love hip hop dancing. They had me prove it on stage and said that I was a “hip hop star.” I am super stoked about what work will be done in Panama!

Marc “Gig It Or Ticket” Ingram:

What’s up?! My name is Marc “Gig It Or Ticket” Ingram, no I am not an Aggie. War Eagle!! I am a Senior at Dallas Baptist University majoring in Camp/Sports Ministry. I grew up in a small southern town in Alabama, so on the weekends we would go giggin our saying was always “gig it.” I also use to forget to wear my seatbelt so I got to know the cops well when they handed over countless seat belt tickets…So remove click and add Gig and you get Gig It Or Ticket..No worries though, I wear the seatbelt now…Every time.

Omar “Beetle Juice” Pachecano:

Hello! I’m Omar Pachecano and I attend Dallas Baptist University. I’m a Biblical Studies major and hope to use my God given gifts to encourage those around me in their faith. My camp name is Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! Beetle Juice! I got this name because I ate a beetle during orientation(long story)and because I have a strange fear of bugs!

Maddy “Cookie Nomster” Ramage:

Hi my name is Maddy Ramage or Cookie Nomster! I am a junior Education major at Texas A&M (whoop)!!!! So the summer after my senior year of high school I did a discipleship program called Baby Ruth’s through Pine Cove, and one of our rules was that we couldn’t have desserts. So naturally I ate cookie dough out of the crash can….and now it’s my camp name, so I can never live it down.

Micah “Vinilla Ice” Ivey:

What up! I’m Micah “Vanilla Ice”! Ivey! I’m in my third year at Louisiana Tech where I am majoring in Clinical Kinesiology! I was named Vanilla Ice because I am a huge fan of freestyle rapping believe it or not and am obsessed with Blue bell vanilla ice cream! So with my love of Rap and Vanilla Ice cream, Vanilla Ice seemed like a perfect fit! See y’all soon!

Magan “Hakenya Mafalla” Ford:

Hello! My name is Magan Ford and I am a senior at Mississippi State University. I am studying Public Relations and will be graduating this May! My camp name is Hakenya Mafalla. It sounds like Hakuna Matata because I have a weird obsession with The Lion King. It’s Hakenya instead of Hakuna because I was about to leave to go on a mission trip to Kenya and absolutely loved it so the name is fitting! And it’s Mafalla instead of Matata because I tend to fall a lot. Mix together my love for the Lion King, Kenya, and clumsiness and you get Hakenya Mafalla!

Brooke “Mitsy Bitsy Glider” Brezette:

Hi! My name is Brooke Brezette or Mitsy Bitsy Glider and I am a Leadership Major at Texas A&M, graduating next December! whoop! When I was little I had twin imaginary friends named Mitsy and Bitsy (lol) who I did everything with. I also have been trapezing-like they do in the circus, and thus from mixing these together my camp name was created!!

Sara “Connect Four” Lair:

Hey yall! I’m Sara or Connect Four! I am a junior at Kansas State University. I am an elementary education major with an emphasis in ESL. I got my camp name because I was born with/still have four kidneys. Also, my sister dated the bachelor guy, Sean Lowe, in college, so they said I had connections.

Karsyn “BedHead” White:

Hi, my name is Karsyn “BedHead” White. I am a junior International Studies major at Texas A&M University. (Whoop!) I got my camp name of Bedhead, not because of disheveled hair in the morning, but because I wet the bed when I was Pine Cove Ranch camper and once I was swinging on the counters in my kitchen (age 19) and thought I could do a back flip. Obviously I couldn’t, fell, hit my head and passed out.

Elley “Squirrel on Fire” Arrington:

Hello!! My name is Elley “Squirrel on Fire” Arrington! I am a sophomore at Abilene Christian University. I am an art major studying sculpture! I know what you’re thinking. And NO, I have never set an actual squirrel on fire. I got my name because I have a pet squirrel. That I am slightly (who am I kidding.. REALLY) obsessed with. And then the fire part because my brother and I would burn ants in the front yard when I was little. Anddd I like the hunger games.

Megan “Smackaroni” Almeida:

Hey! I’m Megan “Smackaroni” Almeida and I’m a sophomore pre physical therapy major at the university of Texas! I worked at the ranch this summer and trained in ropes and to get to know each other we did an ice breaker to try to learn each others names by saying your name and a food that starts with the same letter so I introduced myself as megan macaroni and I think they just liked the name macaroni better so they started referring to me as that! And then during my name game I told them I have had many unfortunate driving incidents where I “smacked” into something so they put the two together and called me “smackaroni”

Zac “Trainwreck” Wiltz: 

Howdy! I’m Zac “Respect the Trainwreck” Wiltz. I am senior at Texas A&M getting a degree in a combo of leadership, youth development, and creativity. It is sort of like a triple minor. Got the name Trainwreck do to a mosh of stories involving breaking a car window with my foot, struggling to talk to the oppositee sex, accidentally talking to a tree, frequent injuries, and an embarassing first kiss story. People say that I have good “respectable” intentions that don’t end well. Hence trainwreck. All games aside, stoked to see what the Lord has in store in Panama!

Jimmy “Clean Up on Aisle 2” Sweeney:

I’m Jimmy Sweeney and my camp name is Clean Up on Aisle 2! I go to TCU and am studying Supply Chain Management and am graduating in May! I got my camp name because when I was young I tried to play a game where I would see how long I could hold it before I went to the bathroom. Then twice I was at the grocery store with my mom and lost the game. So yeah.

Jonmichael “Jock of All Trades” Samsel: 

Hey Guys! My name is Jonmichael Samsel but you can call me “Jock of All Trades” or “J-Trades” for short! I go to school in Knoxville Tennessee at UT and am a Vol for Life! I am studying Kinesiology and have a focused path in Pre-Med! I got my camp name from playing a lot of sports including football at UT for two years and some may say I enjoy doing A LOT of different things! So pumped for Panama!

Mackenzie “Dinoshores” Plum: 

Hi I’m Mackenzie Plum! My camp name is Dinoshores. I go to University of Arkansas and am studying nursing. I graduate in May and am very excited! The story of my camp name is pretty simple. Basically I loved dinosaurs when I was little. To the point of obsession basically. I also really love the lake and I enjoy fishing time to time so my team concocted the two together and there you have it!

Jesse “Schmoe” Garner: 

Hey there! I’m Jesse “Joe Schmoe McScooterson” Garner. – “Schmoe” to my friends like you. I work full time for Pine Cove as the Administrative Director of Camping and love the ministry of Commission Camping. I’ve actually co-led four other trips before this, including one to Panama last year with a different church. My wife Lacey and I live in Tyler and I love serving on the worship team at church and throwing parties when we can!

Monty “Bat Awesome” Spurgeon:

Hello, my name is Monty “Bat Awesome” Spurgeon and I work full time at Pine Cove as a Site Coordinator for Camp in the City. This will be my fifth trip with Commission Camping and my first to Panama. So excited for this trip and cannot wait to see what the Lord does through this team!