Meet the Crew

Posted Dec 18, 2015

Hi there and welcome to the official blog of the Camp in the City Cost Rica team! It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost that time! Meet the crew and find out the best way to stay updated with us throughout the trip.



Hi I’m Rebecca “Deemer” Smith and I serve as the Southwest Regional Director of Camp in the City. I’ve been with Pine Cove for 4 years and am a graduate of Auburn University! I can’t wait to lead the trip and go to Costa Rica for the 1st time!

Hi! I’m Luke “Patches” Cummings, and I’ll be co-leading the trip with Deemer. I graduated from the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and have been working full time with Pine Cove (Camp in the City) for about a year and a half.

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What’s up guys I’m Zach “Mando” Ochran. I’m a sophomore at Tyler Junior College and I’m studying history. I’ve worked 3 summers at Camp in the City.


Hey Y’all! I’m Drew “Whoa Tide” Lewis. I just graduated from Mississippi State University with a degree in Kinesiology, and I have worked at Pine Cove for 3 summers now!

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Hey I’m Carson “Netflicks” Wilder! I am studying Sport Management at Texas Tech University and have been at camp for 1 year!

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Hi y’all! My name is Casey “Fries” Evans. I’m studying Sport Management at Texas A&M and I’ve worked 1 summer at camp!

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I’m Ja’kory “Brisketch” Hunter and I’ve worked camp for 4 summers. I’m a graduate of East Texas Baptist in like two days. Oh and I am an English major.

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I’m Megan “Hoops” Owen! I’ve working at camp for 3 summers! I’m a junior at Texas A&M studying community health! WHOOP.

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I’m Jayde “Friday Night Heights” Dzierba. I go to the university of Arkansas. Woo pig. I’m studying civil engineering. And I’ve worked at Pine Cove for 4 summers.

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I’m Faith “Stucky” Pannell! I’m a junior at Mississippi State studying business administration. I’ve worked at camp for 1 summer!

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I’m Faith “D-Rev” Gregg and I’ve worked at camp for 3 summers! I’m a senior at TCU studying politics and international relations. Go frogs and go cones

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Hey y’all! I’m Abigail “Befrazzled” Grosskopf. I am a senior at Texas A&M university (whoop) and I am studying tourism management & sports management! I’ve worked at Pine Cove for 3 summers at Camp in the City!

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Hi! I’m Sarah “Choclo” Fountain and I attend UT Austin. I’ve worked at camp the past 2 summers!

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Hey guys! I’m Garrett “To Be or not to Beast” McPherson, and I’ve been working at camp for 2 summers! I’m a theatre major at Baylor University. Sic em

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Hey, I’m Gavin “Harp Throb” Tomlin, and I’ve worked at camp for 3 summers. I go to Liberty University and I study New Testament History and Theology.

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Hey y’all! I’m Emily “Chutes and Flatters” Huckabee and I’ve worked 2 summers at Pine Cove. I go to the University of Nebraska studying psychology!

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I’m Faith “Stucky” Pannell! I’m a junior at Mississippi State studying business administration. I’ve worked at camp for 1 summer!

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Now that you’ve met the team, we hope you’ll stay updated through the blog and our Instagram account @city_costarica. We will try to update both as much as possible! We’ll all be meeting up for a quick orientation session and then officially hitting the road (or air) on January 3rd. We are all extremely excited for a full week of camp ministry with our CCI friends in Costa Rica. In the meantime, we would love your prayer for safe travel, smooth and helpful preparation, and for the Lord to use us in whatever way possible to magnify Him throughout the entire experience. Catch ya next time!

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